Jeff Harshbarger

On Sunday Sept. 30, 2012 @ 7 pm Manifest Destiny features Jeff Harshbarger opening for Denver Broncos UK.

“I am delighted to perform within Renee Cinderhouse’s Manifest Destiny. We share a vision of both the purpose and fallacies of folklore and memory. Inspired by the music of our nation’s earliest days, I hope to further explore the subtleties of our culture’s aural traditions, both real and imagined.” —Jeff Harshbarger

Jeff Harshbarger has been a major voice in the creative community of Kansas City for over a decade. Holding such honors as The Kennedy Center’s Betty Carter Fellowship and The Steans Institute Fellowship, he has collaborated with both musicians (Jacob Fred Jazz Odyssey, Bobby Watson, Eugene Chadborne) and visual artists (Nick Cave, David Ford, Sissel Tolaas) to create innovative work that defies genre. He is a co-founder of Tzigane Music, an artist-run collective and record label, and is the curator of Jeff Harshbarger Presents: An Alternative Jazz Series, promoting new improvised music in Kansas City.

For more info on Jeff Harshbarger, please visit his official website or his Facebook page.



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