Denver Broncos UK

The Denver Broncos UK
Photo by Gary Issacs

Denver Broncos UK features Munly Munly, Slim Cessna, Lord Dwight Pentacost, and Rebecca Vera. Cessna, Munly, and Pentacost have been working together for more than a decade as one half of Slim Cessna’s Auto Club (Alternative Tentacles). Though the music itself may be unclassifiable, the band’s songs are best described as dynamic, suspenseful, painful and beautiful. The sparse arrangements feature an array of instruments put to exotic use; guitar, autoharp, accordion, bowed banjo, and numerous percussive instruments; a landscape inhabited by haunted vocal harmonies. The sum of all parts reveals itself as a darkly-lit celebration of traditional American music, forged into a surprising new form.

As a musical/performance outfit, Denver Broncos UK eschew traditional music venues and concert halls, instead performing only in gallery and museum contexts, in collaborative projects with chosen installation artists. This will be their second public performance ever. For their world debut they performed two consecutive nights at the Mattress Factory museum in Pittsburgh, PA on 7/31/09 and 8/1/09.

It is an honor to collaborate with these musicians. The rare chance to see this group perform live may be a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.


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