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Manifest Destiny Debuts at La Esquina: a Dreamscape Installation by Renée Cinderhouse

Kansas City, Missouri, September 2012

Ever wish you could step out of your story and into another? Walk into a pop-up book or a natural history museum’s diorama or your dreams just by walking through a door?

Step into the experience of Manifest Destiny; a multi-media installation designed by artist Renée Cinderhouse. Crafted specifically for La Esquina in Kansas City, Missouri ( the 2,500 sq. ft gallery has been transformed into an immersive dream-like landscape. This unique exhibition features a life-size forest reminiscent of pop-up books as well as mixed-media porcelain sculpture. Focusing on American History, the Midwest as frontier and story-telling as the means to create personal and cultural identity; the installation fuses art, theater and music into a singular sensory experience.

Cinderhouse has previously shown extensively throughout the US most notably at the Carnegie Museum of Art in 2001, “artLA” in 2006, The Amarillo Museum of Art in 2007 and The New Bedford Art Museum in 2010. Cinderhouse is best known for her narrative works in clay, and has been based in her Kansas City studio since 1998; this landmark exhibition is her debut as an installation artist.

Manifest Destiny premieres Friday September 7, 2012 from 7-11pm with ambient performances by Reverend Glasseye from Boston, Massachusetts. Culminating the close of the exhibit are three rare live performances by Denver Broncos U.K. from Denver, Colorado at 7pm on September 28, 29, 30, 2012. Tickets for closing weekend of Manifest Destiny and the second ever live performances of these internationally acclaimed musicians are on sale at

During September Manifest Destiny is open to the public during gallery hours and features performances by Kansas City musicians and actors. For more information regarding gallery hours and performance calendar please visit


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Renée Cinderhouse



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